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Sotogrande is located in the municipality of San Roque, Cádiz, Spain. It is the largest privately owned residential complex in Andalusia. This place was established in 1962 by Joseph McMicking. Its geographical position, in the south of Spain, provides a more humid and cooler climate, due to its proximity to the Atlantic, just beyond Gibraltar. Sotogrande is known for a relaxed pace of life, which facilitates the lives of celebrities, millionaires and the peaceful life of families. Although it is not as pulsating as its neighbors to the east, this fact does not detract from its own charm. In this destination on the Costa del Sol there are many things you can do, such as playing sports, enjoying beach clubs, tasting delicious dishes in wonderful restaurants and sailing on a yacht.

Therefore, it is a great place for golf lovers and a paradise for sailing enthusiasts and fans of the sport of polo, as well as players. On the other hand, the restaurants are another charm, because you will be impressed by the diverse tasty food and the view. The restaurants of the port are so abundant that they form the social center of the urbanization, achieving a fresh and cosmopolitan atmosphere every evening. Glistening water, gently rocking yachts, and warm, fragrant air blowing in from North Africa make for a delightfully romantic landscape. In Sotogrande you have the opportunity to see high mountains and forests to the north of the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Spain. If you are looking for a quiet family lifestyle,


Sotogrande is a privately owned residential area, so the possibilities of enjoying your daily activities without interference from crowded places is what characterizes it. It has an enormous extension of 20 kilometers as well as being rich in green; hence hills and forests, it has the famous port of Puerto Sotogrande .
It is thanks to this port that people can enjoy sailing. Puerto Sotogrande offers the most picturesque views for boating purposes combined with privacy. While sailing is the opposite, as people usually enjoy the variety of deep land in Puerto Sotogrande to carry out their activity in the best possible way.
A famous yacht club in Sotogrande is the Real Club Maritimo Sotogrande , which is a water sports center that came into existence in the 1980s from a high local demand for sailing and training facilities. Its foundation has had a great impact in making Sotogrande the lavishly well furnished marina that it is today.
Another advantage of this yacht club is that in addition to organizing events, it also offers sailing and diving schools.


Sotogrande is a wonderful destination for diverse gastronomy. It offers an infinite variety of cuisines, from refined Mediterranean to Italian, Argentinian, Thai, Japanese, Indian, French and Belgian. Hence, Sotogrande satisfies all food lovers by serving all kinds of dishes in a dazzling view, as restaurants can be found in and around the city. The first restaurant in Sotogrande is El Gaucho Restaurant , opened in 1985, this restaurant is known for its Argentine meats. So, if you are a meat lover El Gauchois the ideal option for you. This restaurant has opened the doors of many famous people, from the princes of the British royal family to King Baudouin of Belgium, as well as actors and sportsmen. As mentioned above, Sotogrande offers a diverse cuisine, therefore, here is the list of the best restaurants in this place.

This beautiful place offers wonderful beach clubs. Each one has its distinctive way of attracting people. Thus, an unparalleled climate, a diverse gastronomy and an outstanding nature make you fall in love with the Beach Clubs of Sotogrande.


Sotogrande is an excellent option to live, as it is considered an ideal resort for families. Life in this place is described as discreet, in addition to playing sports and having fun on the beach, education is another of the charms of this place. Therefore, moving to Sotogrande gives you many opportunities to enjoy life in many ways, because it gives you the comfort of having many places that are also suitable for children. Education is the first thing that comes to mind for our loved ones: children. In Sotogrande the quality of education is high for all levels, from kindergartens to universities. The schools are in Sotogrande and its surroundings.


Sotogrande is the best destination to escape from everyday life and play golf with excellent weather and beautiful surroundings. With approximately 325 days of sunshine a year, it makes this place the ideal destination for golf lovers. Each of these golf courses has its own uniqueness, in terms of its surroundings. The most famous is Valderrama , this golf course was established in 1974 by designer Robert Trent Jones Snr . Valderrama was originally known as “New Sotogrande” . There are 18 holes and they all have a unique name. This golf course is home to important golf competitions in Europe. For the first time, all 32 Ryder Cup matches were held at this golf course.


Sotogrande is considered as a land of sports, in this place the residents start their day practicing sports. Polo is a sport that came to Sotogrande at the hands of two Filipinos Joseph Rafael McMicking e Ynchausti and his wife De he Mercedes Zobel de Ayala y Roxas . The first polo field known as The Beach Ground (the beginnings of the Santa María Polo Club ), was built in 1965 by Enrique Zobel de Ayala the nephew of Mercedes. Sotogrande’s location and its geographical position make it a favorable ground for polo.
The most famous polo club in Sotogrande is Santa Maria Polo Club, which is one of the best clubs in the world with seven polo fields, four of which are world class. Although not everyone can afford to play this “game of kings”, watching is free. Summer is the season in which polo reaches its peak, specifically the month of August, at this time of year more than thirty teams with the best players and thousands of horses meet to play under the brilliant climate of Andalusia. This huge number of participants attracts well-known faces, from European royal families, people from the business and fashion worlds and elite athletes. After watching polo you really want to learn more about this sport in practice. So if you want to ride like the players on the field,Santa Maria Polo Club assures that “Our Club is, therefore, one of the most emblematic places in Sotogrande and the Spanish Costa del Sol, and a benchmark of exclusivity and glamour” .